Kim To Hand-made Silk Flower Pictures

Add : 80 Sinh Trung St., Nha Trang City
Tel : (058)823222

Arriving in Nhatrang, the most interesting thing visitors do is a joy of the beach with its water sports and eco-tourist trips. And when leaving Nhatrang, nobody might not try to buy some gifts, especially artistic works, as a good memory about the city.

At the number 80, Sinh Trung Road, Nhatrang, Kim To Shop is an outlet for Flower Pictures made of silk and simple material. These hand-made flower pictures are artistically and meticulously created into many kinds of flowers like orchids, daisies, roses, apricots, … for interior display.

If there is an opportunity for a visit to Kim To Shop, make sure you will be pleased to see these lively and beautiful flowers made by highly skilled craftswomen. And it is easy that you .