Shop Hoa Champa

Address: 17 B9 Hoang Hoa Tham St., Nha Trang.
Tel: 816843
Trading Bau Truc ceramics and artistic handicrafts
Bau Truc remains one of the oldest places in the world specializing in making ancient-style ceramic items: shaping without turning-table, drawing with small tree and bamboo twigs, creating items without kilns ...

Bau Truc ceramic is a unique product ever made by Chămpa craftsmen in a primitive environment. Lying deep in each product is the lingering traditional beauty of the Chàm ancient culture. Each item is a genuine proof of an age-old and diverse culture.

Shop Hoa Champa is a address of prestige, supplying genuine Bàu trúc items and other unique artistic handicrafts.

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